Frequently Asked Question

Question: What if the Quran you recommend in the sidebar is somehow biased or not authentic?

Answer: This is surprisingly easy to find out for yourself. I had the same concern when I bought my first copy of A Simple Koran. So I checked it against my other Quran. I had already tried reading a standard-issue Quran I bought at my local bookstore.

So I checked verse against verse until I was satisfied it was authentic. Each chapter and verse of the Quran is numbered, so it is easy to cross-check like this.

You can do it online as well. Lots of web sites have the entire Quran available to read online. Here are a few: A Chronological Qur'an, IslamiCity, USC, NobleQuran, The Koran, The Holy Quran, The Quran, Pickthall's Quran, Yusuf Ali Quran, Rodwell's Koran, Quran, Skeptics Annotated Quran.


  1. Quran is the message of Allah. So in terms of Quran there is no chance to be biased and authentic. We cant change the message. To know what is written on Quran and what message Allah send to us, we need to learn the Quran.

  2. Here's a copy: